Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The Bond Between a Mother and Her Son

 Before I became a mother I was busy and fulfilled with my new career teaching children on the autism spectrum and loving my new life as a wife to my college sweetheart, Steve. Life was good, I mean really good. I could not imagine things being better or even greater. But then Jake made me a mother, a mama because that is what he called me, Mama. He was born into this world rather abruptly poor little guy. He was very content with staying quietly tucked away nice and safe inside my womb. When he was born his hands were spread wide apart as if to say, "Hey, where are you taking me?" and he finally settled down as soon as he was all swaddled up and in for arms safe again. People always comment on how amazing he is and what a beautiful person Jake is as if they want to know some secret method Steve and I used to raise this boy up to be the incredible human that he is. I always reply, he was born that way and he was. He arrived straight from God with the most pure heart and soul ready to teach all of those who are blessed to call him friend or family. He is all things good and beautiful. He loves BIG and I mean really BIG with his entire being. He is as loyal as they come and will stand by you until the end of time. Jake gave his heart to Micah last weekend and bay oh boy we love her as much as we love Jake. She has a heart as big as Jake and the two of them will be unstoppable together. Their wedding was so very special and in the video below you will see our dance. I ran out to the dance floor so giddy and you can see him waving his hands to calm me down. This is pretty typical banter between the two of us. Me being a spaz and he calming me down or running from being embarrassed. These are the moments that make a mama proud as a peacock and I can not believe how blessed I am! God is real GOOD to me and I am beyond grateful all the time. 

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