Monday, December 7, 2009

Vintage Gifts!

Are You Ready Mamas?
Drum Roll Please!
Follow The Dancing Mamas
The Graphics Fairy........
Kicking It Up With Some Vintage Gifts!

What Mama Would Not Like
A Fun Vintage Cookbook
For Christmas or Wedding Shower!

Oh Would You Look At That!
So Pretty And All Dressed Up
Ready To Be Read By Their
New Owners!
Can't you just picture the kitchens
these books
have been living in!
Some cute mamas put their little fingers
on the pages of these old cookbooks!
I just love it and I just love giving
them as gifts!

Let's Look Inside!
Look at these darling illustrations!
So clever and creative!!! NOT!
Oh now this looks interesting!
Fruit and green olives in a molded jelly!
Not sure what this is!
Not sure I want to know!
Got to love the fancy hot dogs!
What a nice little outing they are having!
These mamas worked hard to please their men folk!
I like the guy with the hat!
He is definitely
thinking he is a pretty cool dude!
He has both mama's full attention!
The other guy is saying to himself,
"Man why didn't I think of sporting my hat!"

So be creative this year in your gift giving!
Have fun and make mama memories!

 Santa says, "See ya later Mamas!
Keep baking those cookies!"