Friday, December 18, 2009

Four Mamas In The Kitchen!

Four Mamas Are In The Kitchen!
Oh Yes Big Stuff Is A Happening
In Mama Lisa's Cocina!
Mama Lisa and Mama Elizabeth
share their tradition of making
these wonderful treats!

Chocolate, caramel, sprinkles and pretzels!
What a lovely combination indeed!
Follow along and learn how to
whip up these divine treats!
First you will need to find a local
bakery that sells really good chocolate.

Mama Lisa and Mama Elizabeth feel quite
strongly about this!  Do not go to Michael's
or Hobby Lobby to get your chocolate!
You will also need to purchase
your caramel from
the same bakery.  It comes in logs! YUM!
Slice up the log as seen above.
Purchase pretzel rods from
your grocery store.
Gather sprinkles, crushed cookies, crushed toffee, crushed peppermint and so on!  
The topping choices are endless!
First you will take a slice of the caramel
and wrap around the pretzel.
This is the tedious part.
Stretch and soften the caramel
with your hands and then
wrap the pretzel in a
blanket of lovely caramel!
Mama Lisa is doing a good job!
You will want to cover the pretzel
almost to the end.

Line a baking sheet with wax paper
so the pretzels don't stick.
Make as many as you want or have time to.
Get your chocolate ready in microwave
safe bowls. Working with one bowl at a time
microwave on high for about 1 minute.
Check and stir and add more time if needed.
Be very careful not to overcook!
Using a spoon Mama Elizabeth carefully
covers her pretzel with the
yummy chocolate!
Place the dipped pretzel back on to the tray
with wax paper.
This time leaving more room
between the pretzels.
Mama Elise adds toppings while
the chocolate is still soft.
Oh how pretty are these puppies!
We did white chocolate ones as well!
So Darn Pretty!
Let the pretzels set up.
You may need to pop the trays
in the fridge for a
few minutes if you live in a
humid region.
Being that we are in Colorado
where it is very dry ours set up
pretty fast on the kitchen counter.
We did stick some trays out in the
snow and that did the trick as well!

Wrap them up in pretty little bags
to give as gifts......OR NOT!
Don't give as gifts
and let your family