Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Doors lead us inside.
Inside a house, church, store,
school, library, hospital, office,
cafe, and so on.
When we enter through a door we are leaving
one space and transitioning into a
new space.
A door can either
welcome one or shun one.
A door is the barrier between
the outside and the inside.
Here are a few doors I have photographed.

Old door to an old house in Pennsylvania.
Love the ivy and love the moss on the steps!
How many families have entered through these doors?
Church doors in Breckenridge, Colorado.
It is cold outside but the doors are calling people in!
Old Church doors in Pennsylvania.
100 year old doors!
Beautiful old wood Church doors
in New York City.
These heavy doors keep the noise
from the streets out!
It is like a fortress to a castle.
A safe haven inside from the big, loud city.
Old country store doors in Pine, Colorado.
I love this store!  It reminds me a
so many Texas country
stores from my childhood.
Coke in a bottle and some Wrigley's chewing
gum would be a purchase I would make
from this store!
Old but fancy doors to a bookstore
in The Big Apple!
Very proper and very red!
Love it! It calls you to come inside!
Fancy Store Doors!
Lots of glitter and shiny objects await those
who enter through these
sophisticated doors!
They even have a doorman to greet
you or boot you out!
Yet another fancy prancy store!

What about your door?  Is it
fancy, cozy, stuffy,
red, black, big or small?
Whatever kind it is make sure that
it welcomes those who enter through it!

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The Lucy and Dick Show said...

Your door pictures are awesome! Isn't it interesting how our emotions go up and down with reactions as we scroll through your Blog?