Monday, November 23, 2009

Strange Thanksgiving Rituals Of The Victorian Era!

In the Victorian Era it seems that it was a
popular ritual to send the young children
all dressed up to go out and play with the
turkeys they were to eat at Thanksgiving!

This one was told to feed the turkey!
We want him good and fat for Thanksgiving!
She does not realize her pet
will soon be served up on a platter!
Therapy will be needed as an adult.

This Baby Mama likes to
dress her pet turkey up!
They play together until...........!!
Therapy for this one as well!

Now these babies have a smart mama!
They have coats on and they are
safe behind the fence!
We like this mama!

Notice her hands in her pocket!
Smart Baby Mama she does not want
to loose her fingers
She is having a nice talk with her turkey.
They are good friends until.........!

Let's take a picture of our Turkey!
So we can remember him!

This family opts for chicken
instead of turkey. They realize they
can get some eggs out of them
 before the Thanksgiving meal!
Smart family!
This Baby Mama was sent out to
whip the chickens into laying eggs!
She has also figured out that if she screams
her socks fall down and the
chickens feel sorry for her
and lay more eggs!
She is young but has already learned
to use her mama tricks!

After playing with the turkeys
some children had to
gather pumpkins for Mama's pumpkin pie!
Hard work!

Turkey and pumpkin duty!
No child labor laws back in those days!

So when your children or grandchildren are
whining about cleaning the
Thanksgiving dishes,
tell them it could be much worse!
Happy Turkey Day!


Julie said...

Oh, Holli! You've definitely got me laughing out loud! So glad the family's off to school and work or they might send ME out for therapy! Love this post!!! Hilarious commentary on Victorian custom and these wonderful vintage photos--you're just fabulous! Much love to you Mama Holli!

mizdarlin said...

Love the pictures-isn't Graphics Fairy the coolest?
Not just the Victorians with strange sister and I (she was four, I was 6) got baby ducks for Easter, raised in backyard suburbia, and one day they disappeared-Mom had "donated" them to her boss for Thanksgiving Sis has been a vegetarian ever since..

Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

Too funny!!! You are hilarious, I had so much fun reading your post! Thanks so much for linking up today. I did remove the broken link, thank you for letting me know!