Friday, November 13, 2009

Old Children's Books and A Red Baby Rocking Chair!

Mama Holli is a sucker for 
old children's books!
These sweet books were found at various book sales and such.  I especially love the ones which have inscriptions written on the inside covers. It is as if you are looking into the past.  Even finding a book with a scribble or two!  Some sweet baby's little fingers left their mark in time.  My old address book has two pages filled with
33 cent stamps!  I am sure I was less than thrilled at the time to discover that all my postage was used to decorate my important book.  Now when I open to the addresses under the letter D, it immediately puts a smile on my face!
So display your old books proudly!
Especially those with scribbles inside!


Julie said...

Good morning, Holli! Of course, you know this mama LOVES old children's books! I just can't NOT get them if I see them! Love those old illustrations! Looks like you found some the stamp story!

I Wonder Wye said...

When my husband's kids were toddlers he made them a rocking chair. Today they are in their 30s, and I am using the chair to seat my grandmom's gorgeous china doll. It looks so sweet....I love old books. My brother -without asking BTW- took my library from my old room in my parent's house and gave them all to my niece! I couldn't believe he did that! Not having children he figured, I guess, that I wouldn't want them, (but he was wrong!)

Allison Talamantez said...

I WANT THAT RUDOLPH BOOK. Where ever did you find that?

Catherine said...

I love these books! I'm a sucker for anything from my childhood. NIce display!