Sunday, November 15, 2009

The North End! Little Italy!

If you get the chance to visit Boston
you must
get down to the North End!
It is like stepping back in time!
Generations of Italian Immigrants
walk the streets.
It is colorful and very flavorful to
say the least!
The quaint family owned restaurants, expresso shops, grocery stores, art galleries, churches, bakeries, and brick streets give one a European feel.  If you perch for a spell on a sidewalk sipping a cappuccino one can see and hear the rich Italian culture.  Two men slowly walk by with newspapers in one hand and an expresso in the other speaking very loudly in Italian to each other.  Another gentleman singing Frank Sinatra's Mona Lisa as he strolls down the street.  An Italian mama carrying a brown bag of bread and walking her dog.  Two young Italian boys fighting over one of very few coveted parking spaces on Hanover Street.  Then come the smells! The heavenly fragrance of pizza and fresh baked bread.
Speaking of trip to
The North End is complete
unless you have been to Mike's Pastry!
This is a cultural event in itself!
The line is usually out the door and down the street at any given time of the day or night!  When you reach the counter you are greeted by an Italian Mama who quickly takes your order places it in a white box and ties it up with green string that is hanging from the ceiling!  Then quickly takes your money and out the door you go!  From biscotti to cannolis there is
something for everyone at Mike's!

So off you go strolling down the street with a cannoli in hand.

The Old North Church sits at the edge of The North End.
Just in front of the Church sits a park and a statue of Paul Revere.

Sit for a while and sink in the history!

If you would like to taste a bit of Little Italy without the travel, Mike's Pastry does ship a wonderful Cannoli Kit to your house!
I have done this for Christmas before!
It makes a great gift to any Italian Mama or Papa!
Photography courtesy of Mama Holli


aBohemianMarket said...

Good Morning mama Holli:
#1 Thank you for visiting me and saying nice things about my newest Grand daughter : )
#2 You are a pistol!!! I have NOT been to the North End of Boston in over 30 years; I remember it being like in Europe; the pleasantries, boisterous conversations and the aroma's wafting through the air!!!! Bellisimo!!! Coffee good and strong. The foods are heavenly; Italians know how to make a sauce that takes all day and use all things fresh and good. When I was very young a family took me under their wing (The Lozito's) and Grandma Lozito barely spoke a word of English but she could tell/show me how to chop, use fresh basil and how NOT to watch a pot boil; just let the ingredients (marry) simmer. The banquet style feasts at their home : )
I see I have to follow you to keep up with your wonderful style.
Have a great day and thanks for sharing the wonderful photos with us.

Chatelaine said...

The North End is a treat to visit. I have not been in years. There are so many restaurants to choose from! Gastronomic heaven.

Your post made me realize I need to make a visit soon.

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Cave Creek Antiques said...

Love your blog! This is great! Thanks for your comment on my blog... Kim

Ramona said...

Hey there ~
You have a great blog! Thanks for visiting over in my neck~of~the~woods and leaving a sweet comment...and yes I do make the velvet pumpkin squash that are pictured in my header...I sell them in my ETSY store.

This is a wonderful post today...thanks for sharing...I will be back soon.

Smiles ~ Ramona

Susan said...

I have never been to Little Italy. :( But I sure am planning on going now! What a FAB "review!"
Thank you for stopping by. I'll be following your fun blog for sure!