Monday, November 9, 2009

Mama Can Climb Trees! Yes She Can!

My oldest daughter loves a good climbing tree.  She would squeal with excitement when she found one. She would then stand under it staring up as if to develop a plan in her head to accomplish the climb to the top!  She would calculate her climb very carefully.  This is kind of how she approaches life as well.  She loves a challenge and is definitely not afraid to go to great heights to achieve it!  She is careful and wise plotting her path with great confidence and ease.  It is a beautiful thing I am privileged to witness.

This would not be a good climbing tree!

I'm thinking a good tree for a swing!

So as you step outside today take a good look at the trees around you!  Do you have any good climbing trees?  How would you attempt to climb a tree? Some may inquire how Mama Holli might climb a tree? ......She just grabs a limb, starts climbing and figures it out as she goes along!

Photos taken by Mama Holli at Butchart Gardens
A heavenly place all Mamas should visit at least once!

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