Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Makes Mama Laugh!

Leaving the port of Seattle last year on a cruise ship this is
what Mama saw through
the lens of her camera!




I LOVE this shot!!  This guy is looking right into my lens! He sees Mama, Mama sees him! Click went the camera! Priceless!!  It still makes me laugh!! He is a cute and happy little fellow is he not!
A man who loves his job!
You gotta love that!
It is like he is saying....HaHa my boat is faster than yours!


Tricia Rose said...

Great photos mama - how did you get the tankers to balance?

Julie said...

So funny, Holli! I love those serendipitous moments in life--VERY priceless!

christi said...

i agree, those are happy pictures! thanks for coming by my blog today!