Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Traditions! Photo Ornaments!

Mama Holli started the tradition of
photo ornaments
as a Little Baby Mama many years ago!
I made this ornament at Brownies as a gift for my parents in the 3rd grade!  Notice the crooked bangs!!  I remember my mom cutting them the day before picture day.  She could not get them straight and just kept cutting to the point of no return! To make matters worse I had a huge head! I distinctly remember her telling me to tilt my head when the photographer took the picture! Like this would help! I distinctly remember the photographer telling me to hold my head straight!!! So this picture is the result!  Priceless!  Yesterday my son's best friend took a picture of it with his phone and said he would save it for
when he needed it!!
So I am beating him to it and
putting it out there!! Ha Ha!
Take a picture and frame it!  Let the kids frame it however they want!  Proudly display it on the tree for years to come!
Just don't try to cut the baby's bangs 
the day before picture day!
Fa La La La La   La La La La!