Monday, January 16, 2017

Shut Your Ears


I would like to offer some beautiful advice during 
what has played out to be a very
 turbulent time in our country as of late.
I have chosen to follow the advice of this 
intelligent and insightful young lady.
She just happens to be my daughter! 
She is the baby of the family by birth order 
but wise beyond her years.
She has a magical way of loving and 
serving others on a daily basis.
She loves unconditionally, wholeheartedly and completely.
She is my Mooshka and I could not possibly love her more.
So sip your tea and soak these words of wisdom into your heart and mind.

I choose to shut my ears a bit these days, and I’d hope you would too.

I choose to shut my ears a bit these days. There is a lot going on, a lot to feel, to decide, to side with, to criticize. And what does it all amount to? A lot of negativity and a bit of sadness, maybe even a touch of fear. It’s heartbreaking to see people feeling forced to state opinions that they deep down don’t know if they are qualified to make. So I choose to shut my ears a bit these days, but note that my eyes are still open. I’m not looking away from the mayhem around me but I’m also not listening to it. I’m not choosing ignorance by refusing to listen but I am also not choosing blind obedience. All of the words flying out of the mouths of others can pollute a head that deserves to be free, to be free of criticism and instead be spacious, making room for creativity and growth.
All of those words can be screamed so loud that they drown out the words that used to fly off the shelf rather than slinking off the web. The words that would leap from pages and spark life to a story, give life to an image. But now, these days those words on those pages belong to dusted shelves that remain stagnant rather than flying, their wings have been clipped at the price of refreshing our feed and click-clacking on our keys. The scary people of our storybooks have become the people who hide behind screens that shout words and opinions louder than the songs in the choir.
People are rallying behind causes they didn’t know they should believe in but only assume they are supposed to believe in, they kept their ears open too long and everything else was drowned out but the sound of screams, negative screams. So I look on, I see it all, I see it all fall, but I keep my ears shut. I let the negativity drown amidst other things and be careful that it doesn’t drown my own thoughts. Because all too quickly if you keep your ears open the thoughts of others can infiltrate that pretty little mind of yours. So keep your ears shut I beg so that your thoughts can remain yours and yours only while you look on. You will see it all, you may see it fall, but the ideas that spring up in your head, the thoughts the rise from the ashes, you can promise to be your own, and not a product of the screams but rather a response. By looking instead of listening your thoughts can spark change just like the words on the pages used to. I choose to shut my ears a bit these days, and I’d hope you would too.  Isabella Nucci
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