Saturday, November 14, 2015

Prayers For Paris

There is so many things that happen that I will never understand.
There is so much pain and suffering
that I struggle to comprehend.
I have no words or thoughts that could offer any comfort to those
who are suffering in France today nor can I begin to comprehend their loss, fear, pain and suffering. I do know one thing to be true.
I know that God can and will answer our prayers.
I know that He is with those who are suffering.
I know that He will send a band of angels to comfort and protect 
the people of France. We must pray and pray hard
for all of those affected by the terrorist acts against
the people of France.  Our prayers will bombard their hearts
with our love and hope. Our prayers will flood their broken souls and hold them up when they have no more strength.
Get on your knees and lift them up.
Lift them up so they may see a ray of light and hope.

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