Sunday, October 18, 2015



Danny spies a new baby brother!

I seriously can't get enough 
of this sweet family!

Tips on shooting large families

  1. Start early and before lunch. The lighting is great in the morning and the kids are perky.
  2. Have snacks and water on hand.
  3. Bring a partner in crime or have mom help to run behind you acting like a fool to get their attention all at once!
  4. Shoot in sports mode so you can take as many photos as you possibly can! I usually just hold the button down and it sounds like a paparazzi attack!
  5. Potty Talk - I use potty talk and it gets a smile and laugh every single time! (Did you ever hear Santa fart?) This makes me sound very unintelligent but I get a spontaneous laugh each time!
  6. Catch them in their element. Try to take many photos in the moment when they are not looking. These will be mama's favorite.
  7. Patience! Wait for it! That shot will come I promise!
  8. Have fun and don't stress. If you don't get that shot you want, you can always try again.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Just Like That She's All Grown Up

So it is true, mu hubby and I are officially empty nesters!
Oh it is so strange and yet so freeing all the same.
As a mama you are happy, proud and excited 
for the fruits you bore 
to take off and fly yet it is also so very sad at the same time.
So much work. Some of the work fun and some not so fun but
all part of the beautiful life we weave as mamas.
And then one day it is over well kinda.
You are still a mama and they will still need you 
but things change.
We change and they change as well. 
It is all good but it definitely is an adjustment for sure.

So I now have TWO Horned Frogs at TCU!
and a Bobcat at Texas State!

I am loving my Texas road-trips to see them!
I miss and love them way more than they will realize.
Go take on the world
Pea Pie Man, Cookie Joe and Mooshka
but don't forget to come back home every now and then.