Friday, September 11, 2015

Darling Photo Boards

How stinkin cute are these I ask?
Pretty stinkin CUTE!

You can pin up a new photo, recipe, note or quote!
So much fun to make and give away!

The possibilities are endless I say!

Materials Needed

Wooden board to the size you desire. 
(I prefer 7 1/2 " by 7 1/2")

Scrapbook paper of your choice

Ribbon, Scraps of Material, and or Fringe 

Paint (I use acrylic)

Metal Clip

Hot Glue Gun

Clear Gloss Spray Paint

Paint the board and then glue down the paper with thinned glue or Mod Podge.
Let it dry and then spray on a coat of clear gloss paint.
Now you can start decorating your board how you like.
Hot glue the clip in position and also hot glue any embellishments you add to your 
board to dress it up!

Have fun giving these cuties away!
People go nuts over them!
Dress them up for school colors or holidays!
The possibilities are endless I tell you!