Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baby Girl #1 in LOVE

This Baby Girl is in LOVE!
In LOVE with the beautiful
people of Belize!
"I'm Going Back!"
She says with a smile.
Some Way Some How
"I'm Going Back!"

Small little benches for my 
long legged girl!
Teaching Belize Babies to read!

Sharing a home with the 
lovely Mayan people.
Learning to make tamales 
with the women
and playing soccer 
with the children.
Her new favorite food is......

Fry Jacks Beans
and Eggs
for breakfast!

 You have to dump this all over it!

Eating Tamales!

Living in solidarity 
with the 
people of Belize.
sadly saying goodbye
just for a little while

And then there are days, 
when the world just sings to you, 
from the minute you open your eyes 
to the minute you shut them again at night.
Belize Delegation 2013

Stay Safe my sweet friends until I see
your beautiful faces again.
I will pray for you all each night before 
I lay my head to rest until I see you again.