Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Images of October

This is one of the many reason 
I love living in Colorado!
Just a typical October sunset.

A visit to Anderson Farms

A Walk Through The Corn Maze!

We entered the maze in sunlight!

As it started to get dark we decided to try
to find our way out!
Does anyone out there remember the sick movie, 
The Children of the Corn?
It is evil!
Creepy Isaac warns Malaki of the interlopers!
Look for the car stuffed with corn husks!
So dumb!
 Where are these great child actors now?
So I was happy to leave the cornfields before dark!
We made it home from the corn maze only
to find these yummy cupcakes
waiting for us!
Daughter #2 Created these spooky treats!

I hope you had a festive Halloween!
This Mama sure did!

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Cora said... are so funny!! Love these fall pictures...they are gorgeous with their colors of the season! Fun fun!!