Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How A Mama Prepares For Thanksgiving!

 Mama is pondering 
on what pie she will bake.
It has to be 
the best pie at the table.
She can't and won't take second
to Mama Lisa nor Mama Elise this year!

Mama Holli calls Mama Elise
to confirm what she is bringing to the feast.

Mama Elise pretends to act like she likes
Mama Holli's pie recipe.
Secretly she and Mama Lisa are plotting
to take her DOWN in the pie contest.
Mama Lisa calls Mama Holli 
to pretend that she also thinks the new pie recipe sounds good.
she ponders.....
I am going to BEAT her again!
Mama Jackie is listening to all of this.
She will be the judge this year.
She knows just who the true
winner will be!
Tune in to see who really wins!