Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mama Loves To Window Shop

What mama does not like to stroll
down a street full of trendy shops
while enjoying a yummy
ice cream cone.
After a nice dinner on Coronado Island
we stroll the streets looking for
ice cream.
Once found, we continue walking
and peering in the closed stores.
It is like being teased.
Like being held down by your brother
and tickled relentlessly.
The stores at night seem to 
take on a new life.
It is if they are taunting you by saying...
Ha Ha Ha
You can't come in!
Too bad So sad!
Look at this window display
screaming at the window shoppers!

I could have stared at this for hours!
Total Eye Candy!
What kind of store is this you ask?
go check it out HERE.

1 comment:

Cora said...

I hate it when my favorite stores are closed and I want to go in. This one is cool!
Enjoy the ice cream Mama!