Monday, April 12, 2010

This Will Make Mama Perky and Happy!

Needing a little
Pick Me Up
So I am posting up
these beautiful flower photos
I took at
last September
Hope You like!
My favorite part of the Garden 
was this enormous display
of annuals!  It was a wall of the
most gorgeous flowers I have ever seen!
The wall was 7 feet tall and at least 100 feet in length!
It went on forever!
Can't you just picture a beautiful bride
walking this path to meet her groom!
Looking across the lawn at 
part of the wall of flowers!
Close Up View!

Mama Is Perky


mizdarlin said...

Mama Holli-beautiful pictues...I hate to admit it, but Butchart is just down the road apiece from me, and I've never been there! It's one more thing on this beautiful Island that is on my list...

Mama Holli said...

Oh you have to go!!! It is breathtaking!! At Christmas I hear the light display is amazing as well! I could go there every single day and never be bored! Just beautiful! The history of the garden is just as amazing in itself! Do go and let me know!

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

These are beautiful and lovely pictures!

Cora said...


Julie said...

How funny, Holli! I was just there in June! It really is spectacular! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and bringing back so many lovely, fragrant memories!