Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sweet Cuppycake Sam

I LOVE this!
Watch his eyebrows at the end of the song!
Bless his baby heart!

Mission Statement:
"Changing lives through compassion."
Youtube Star Cuppycake Sam encourages us to have hope, and to not to judge others.

Sam Allred resides in Alaska with his parents and siblings. Sam enjoys reading, Lego robotics, and cooking. Sadly, Sam suffers from a rare kidney condition - for which he takes steroids. The steroids have stunted his growth and complicated his weight.
Sam is currently working to help support children with chronic illnesses or disabilities. Sam’s non-profit; Kindness for Kids mission statement shares his vision “Changing lives through compassion” Team up with Sam at Or
Together we can change the world!
to purchase Sam's
New Book!

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