Friday, March 5, 2010

Beautiful Ballerinas!

Mama Holli was a dancer 
many moons ago.

Now Mama Holli gets to watch 
her baby girls dance!
I was not even half the dancer 
my girls are today!
It is a joy beyond words to witness!
Dancing is an art!
It is such a beautiful
way to express ones self.
It is where music and spirit meet.
It is where a soul unites with a sound.
It is beautiful!
Boston Ballet Academy
Summer 2009

Mama Holli
Just Kidding!
Academy of Colorado Ballet
Fall 2009

Mama Holli
Just Kidding!

Academy of Colorado Ballet
Spring 2008

Mama Holli & Friend
Just Kidding!

Baby Girl #2
Spring 2008

Mama Holli & Friends
Just Kidding!

Baby Girl #1
Fall 2008

Mama Holli
In The Middle!
Just Kidding!

So Do It!
You don't have to be good at it!
Just FAKE it!
Feel The Music!
Be A Dork!
Embarrass Your Children
and get your Booty out on the dance floor!
Shake Your
Shake Your


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Jennifer said...

I'm here from Friday Follow and have to say that I love your blog from the name to the subject of this post! I was in ballet until I was about 12 and just burned out but these images are bringing me back so thank you!

Come check out my blog!

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Four O'Clock Quilt Company said...

My girls danced for 15 years. It was beautiful to watch. Now their children are almost ready (potty training first!) I hope they are as proud of their children as I was of them. Enjoy these years. They are precious.

Anonymous said...

Howdy, partner. Thanks for linking up with Friday Follow! I am now your blog follower. It is a pleasure to meet ya and have a great weekend!

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