Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's For Mamas

So Mama Holli
wandered over 
Two Crazy Crafters
this morning!
This mother and daughter team
have it going on!
They are hip, sassy, talented
and of course oh so
I am a big fan of retro anything 
they have plenty of it to share!
Here are a few of their 
sweet Valentine cards 
they have posted up!
Nellie Olsen Here!
She has her eyes on some
poor guy 

Mama Roxy Here!
She is trying just 
a little too hard!
There's Gonna Be Trouble!

This Little Mama, let's name her Peggy!
She looks like she could be a Perky Peggy!
Well she is not the slightest bit amused
by poor little Bobby 
who is pouring 
his cotton pickin 
 out to her!
I think any minute she will
 him over the head 
with her doll!
Poor Bobby!

This Mama is working very hard!
She is determined to learn to 
be a good cook!
She knows it will be a
necessity to catching a 
good man
when she grows up!

Here is the inside of the card.....
This is serious stuff this cooking thing!

Another young Mama
working on her all
important man attracting skills!
They started them young back then!


Julie said...

Hey Mama Holli! Glad you found Twyla & Lindsey--I love them both!

Just saw your comment--when you are doing a post, just highlight the words you want linked...someone's name, etc., and click "link" on the top bar of the will open a window where you paste the URL you copied from the site you want to link to...clear as mud?! Let me know if this helps! Basically, Holli, if I can do it, you certainly can do it! I am no computer genious, let me tell you!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Thank you so much for your kind words about our blog. You have done a wonderful job of highlighting some of the cards we've shared. I thought it was too funny that these little girls were working so hard knowing that the way to a man's heart surely must be through his stomach. Have a wonderful day! Twyla

mizdarlin said...

I also used to collect vintage Valentines, and my favourite was one that agreed with these old sentiments: "Kissin' don't last, cookin' do!"

Cora said...

I love this blog too! Twyla and Lindsey do have it going on....they are so crafty and have the most wonderful ideas. And they share! Remember how our mamas taught us to share....They share their ideas and images. Thank you for that.