Saturday, February 6, 2010

Give A Valentine's Day Gift To Yourself!

"This eloquent book is subtitled “A Mother’s Memoir” but that’s not giving Kenison’s chronicle of her sons’ increasing independence its full due. It’s also about longing and fulfillment, taking stock of failures and achievements, a search for the elusive “something more” of one’s existence—and a reminder that life’s seemingly mundane moments are often where we find beauty, grace and transformation."
Family Circle

Katrina Kenison has a gift.
Her latest book is amazing, insightful and comforting.
She is a beautiful person 
who shares a part of herself through this book.
Thank you Katrina for speaking from your heart 
and recording it for all of us 
to learn and grow from.
Order your copy today at her website.
Pay her blog a visit as well!
It is as gratifying as eating
a whole box of 
Godiva Chocolate!