Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Sometimes one just 
has to.....
Go to the farm

Go to the city

Go to the bay

Go to the ocean

Go to the mountains

Go to the beach

Go to the park

Go to the lake

In 2010 
may you make the time 
go to your 
special place!

Photography courtesy 
Mama Holli


Sherrie said...

Being self-employed and being the one that has to take care of everyone else ..... I need some time to go to a special place. It isn't going to happen, as nice a thought as it is. However, I find that my time spent blogging, just a little bit of me time, is like going to a special place, a little moment of vacation. Thanks for the good thoughts.

The Lucy and Dick Show said...

We're lucky that we live in our special place. Good words to post though!

Kitt said...

Hey Momma H.,
I love your nickname, makes me giggle. Great pics and thoughts for us today. I listened to your friends music. She is really good.
I'm glad you know about Brookwood and that you support their efforts. I have been on a tour of their campus and it is just awesome. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I am having trouble with the date stamp under my updates on my follower's blogs and I am thinking that is keeping me from getting more followers. Sigh. Technology isn't my forte. Have a great day!

Allison Talamantez said...

Holli, you are such a talented photographer and have such a beautiful family!

Save the Date for Cupcakes said...

Beautiful photos~ makes me miss the beach! Thanks for stopping by;o)