Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Handmade Christmas Ornaments

Mama is CRAFTY!
Well KINDA....
I finally found a craft that fits my talent level.
It really is pretty easy and very inexpensive.
I used old grocery paper bags,
old buttons, construction paper,
thread and a hot glue gun.
Cut a long stip from the brown bag
and then fold it like an accordion back and forth.
You can trim the ends in a pattern if you like.
Pull it together in a circle and hot glue 
the ends to secure a circle.
Embellish with a cute button and circle of cardboard.
Tie a ribbon, thread or string at the end to hand it on the tree!
So easy and so simple!
Don't forget to sig and date it on the back!

Look at these free Holiday Printables
from the AMAZING
My absolute go to for graphics!
Karen is so amazingly generous and talented!

Saturday, November 19, 2016

World's Best Sugar Cookies

Every once in awhile a mama will come 
across a cookie recipe 
that knocks her slippers off! 
This Sugar Cookie recipe will do just that!
I do not lie my friends!
I received this recipe from Carol Siedhoff!
I was honored to attend a Christmas gathering at her house
many moons ago. I went nuts over her cookies!
So as I helped dry a few of her dishes after the party had 
ended I made my best attempt to get her to 
share this family heirloom recipe!
And she was so sweet and said she would mail it to me!
Below is the original card she sent to me!
There is never a time that I share these cookies that
someone doesn't beg me for the recipe!
They are that good!

These puppies freeze very well and that makes 
them extra dangerous because I can keep a stash 
hidden in the garage freezer which 
allows easy access when I need a fix!

You can decorate them if you like but honestly
they are so good all by themselves!

Santa LOVES these cookies!
Each year I add an extra one to the plate 
and they just disappear like magic!

Thank you Miss Carol for sharing your recipe!
Thank you Karen aka "Graphics Fairy" 
for sharing these amazing Santa Graphics!