Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Capturing the IT photo!

So here's the deal.
I love taking photos.
I especially love photographing people.
I like capturing moments, emotions and 
feelings if that is really possible.
When I am photographing a subject 
my only goal
is to try to capture their soul. 
I am not greedy or selfish.
I only want for that one photo.
That one photo that stops you in your tracks,
draws you in, pulls at your heart,
and causes you to say, 
All the mamas out there know
what I am talking about.
The photo that you say, "That is my child!"

The ONE photo that I call IT!
IT is magical!
IT takes your breath away!
IT is truly beautiful!

It is not easy capturing the IT photo.

You need to be patient really patient.
You will need to be funny, silly, serious, quick, 
quirky, spontaneous, premeditated and clever 
all at the same time especially with children.
As a photographer you have to have many tricks up your sleeve
or lots of smarty candies, goldfish or gummy bears.
Whatever it takes right?

It means stooping as low as using potty talk
with teenagers! The kind of potty talk that
enthralls a 3rd grader at recess.
Things like,
"Does Santa toot or poop?"
Super intelligent stuff like that really gets a
17 year old to break out in laughter
not because you are funny but because
they think you are legit crazy!
It's the shock value you are looking for.
Be ready to click away as soon as
you release the crazy talk.
It is your only shot!
It releases all inhibitions for about 5 seconds
and then you go to the other tricks
up your stuffed sleeve. Yes you do have to stoop
to a new low but trust me
when I say that it will be worth it
when you hit the editing room!

I decided to do this post and share 
some of my IT photos 
of some of the beautiful souls 
I have been privileged to capture and spend time
with even for a little while.

May your days be blessed with many


Angie said...

Oh my gosh what amazing photos! They are all such beautiful children. I can totally see how you captured the real them in , their eyes. What a great talent! Thanks for sharing!

hjn said...

Angie, you are so dear. Thank you for your comment! I hope you have a beautiful day!