Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mamas Who Do The Right Thing

I have always been a firm believer in Karma. At minimal just do 
the right thing and good things will come back around to you.
I try to teach my kids to do the same.

So here is the deal……
I sold a book on Amazon.
When I went to ship the book, I flipped through it and saw that 
there were pencil marks on some of the pages.
I went back to look at my listing and saw that I listed the 
book's condition as NEW.  So obviously it wasn't new.
I erased almost all of the marks but  few remained.
I shipped the book to the new owner in TEXAS.
I also enclosed a note explaining my mistake in the description
and that I would happily refund them the money in full
if they wanted to look for another book.
I also included a $5 bill which brought the cost of the book down to
what  a book in "almost new" condition would cost.
Being that I am from Texas, I also added a note at the end that said,
Texans Take Care of Texans!
Several weeks later I received a letter in the mail from the customer who bought the book.
She and her mom wanted to thank me for my honesty.
Honesty? I had just done the right thing!
They went on to say that it was rare to find this honesty and that
in gratitude they were gifting me with a $25 WalMart gift card!
How beautiful is that?
All I had done was
I had been rewarded Ten Fold 
What's a Mama to do?
I sent the gift card to school to donate to the orphanage my daughter 
serves at in the summer. I then sent a message to Brittany and her Mama
letting them know
I Was Paying It Forward
So I challenge you to do the same.
Every single deed, big or small contributes
to making the world a better place.
At the bottom of the letter she wrote,
You Gotta LOVE it!

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