Monday, November 9, 2009

Mama Loves Jewelry!

Meet My Beautiful Friend, Shamaine
Shamaine Klein Design!
We met in high school and have been friends ever since!
She is a very talented and driven lady!  She stays very busy raising three beautiful children and loving her wonderful husband Rick!
Did I forget to mention she is a Good Ole Texas Girl!
That just makes the whole package just a little bit sweeter!

Shamaine was born into a family of Jewelers and has been inspired to design jewelry for as long as she can remember. After a career in the arts and raising a family she started to sketch out designs that reflected her experiences in life, her faith, her family and her sense of fun. Shamaine made some of her initial designs into pendants for herself and as presents for her friends and family. With their unique styling and themes the pieces were an instant hit, and soon what started as an engaging pastime turned into a full time occupation and a design studio.
Today Shamaine continues to be inspired by her desire to create designs that reflect the lifestyle of the person who wears them – unique, and fun to wear, dressed up or dressed down.

One of my personal favorites!
Madonna with Child, the universal icon of motherly love and caring. This contemporary design was inspired by a Raphael painting - Madonna of the Pinks.

Shamaine was chosen by Donald J Pliner to create a piece for  
Peace For The Children Foundation.

This is one of her designs for the foundation.

Yoga Girl
Peace Pearl Bracelet

Shamaine will also do custom designs for you!

Shamaine I am so proud of you!

Video Presentation

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